The Unforgettable Red Head


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Took some time to head into the mountains and enjoy what Colorado is known for. Here are some pics.


On the way to Pikes Peak.



It was cold and icy as we left Denver on our way to Mt. Princeton, so I snapped some pictures of the snow covered trees. They looked like they would shiver if they could.








It got more clear and warm (in Colorado terms, give or take 2 degrees).




As always, please click on the photo to enjoy it. Compression KILLS.


Airshow August 24, 2012

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Some photos I clicked from the beautiful airshow yesterday.




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Cats are easy subjects, except when they are moving a lot. I like practicing my Lightroom Skills on them as well because like I said, easy subjects. These are not my cats, but I do know them well and enjoy their company. That’s why you see so many. Also, because I don’t have children. I don’t take a lot of pictures of children. Cats are easier.

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Wedgie was conked out.


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In vail…


Vail Part 1

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Just a sample from my quick trip to Vail. I will post more when I’ve had a little more rest.


Wedgie in a tube

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Haven’t posted here in a while, so sorry about it. Like, more than a year a while. But here’s my new favorite picture.

Clicky to make it bigger.

Seasons Greetings

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So, like I’ve mentioned in posts previous, I have been a little bit busy with a new hobby. One day I’ll have pictures of that. One day way far away. Sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I know a few of you check this regularly, and I’m sorry for my absence. I decided to go through my old albums, and find my favorite photos that remind me of the seasons of the year. So here are some of my favorite seasoned photos.






The photos above and below were not touched in any way. They were taken on black and white film on a traditional film camera in Downtown Denver.


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I’m not going to tell you where this place is, because it’s a new secret, and I love it there. Took some photos (modeling) and I took some photos (with my point and shoot) and it was good times. Here are some of the modeling photos. I’m sure I’ll post my photos when I’m not half asleep. Please click on the photos you want to see. Compression Kills. 😀

A celebrity is any well-known TV or movie star…

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…who looks like he spends more than two hours working on his hair.  ~Steve Martin

I was wandering around my computer with a hot mission to find some interesting photos. Not that there aren’t plenty on this beautiful mac o mine, but I thought I needed to introduce a little something different.  Anyone that knows me knows I’m very attached to my hair (literally and figuratively- unless I brush with this one brush that tears my hair out…). Anyway! I haven’t always had long hair. In fact, for the first 23 years of my life, my hair only managed to squeak past my shoulders for a short time in 6th grade when I was in a play that required pigtails. That being said, I DARE you to make a Pippi Longstocking joke. (Except you. You know who you are). Anyway, since I have taken the time to grow my hair out to it’s current length, I will share with you some of my favorite hair moments.

This was one of the first hair pics I ever took with my “long” hair. It was actually at that point only about an inch past my shoulders.

This was taken on the beach while I was attempting a run. Needless to say, my shutterbug got the best of me and I ended up running around taking pictures. 🙂